Amy’s Kitchen


As Amy’s Kitchen expanded into additional markets and retailers, the brand (expectedly) drew more competition.  Few (if any) of the new brands that jumped into the frozen or soup sets had the same quality of ingredients and taste story as Amy’s Kitchen but they poured into the marketplace.  The management team at Amy’s, always incredibly supportive of emerging brands, wanted to have a voice in how retailers looked at their respective categories and all the new entries.  They hired The Touch Agency to work up a fact-based category management platform to begin to organize the emerging Frozen Food Category.


The Touch Agency team worked through internal shipment reports, portal data and syndicated data sources to create MaxFrost, the Amy’s Kitchen category management tool.  This included:

Consumer purchase decision trees

Category segmentation

Brand/SKU shares and trends

Pareto charts

Recommended SKU list, target delete lists

Recommended planograms

Marketing Program

MaxFrost category management program

MaxFrost retail sell sheets

MaxFrost dashboard reports


Amy’s Kitchen became the Category Captains at 15 major retailers by the end of year two of the program.