Emergen-C (Alacer Corporation)


Historically, the Emergen-C brand was limited by seasonality.  70% of the revenue came from sales during the November through March cough/cold months.  The senior management team at Alacer was looking for a way to extend the season and gain more year-round sales.  The Touch Agency was hired to develop a marketing strategy, strengthen the messaging and execute marketing programs for the brand.  Once the new programs were in place, Alacer added The Touch Agency sales management team as they expanded the brand.


The Touch Agency team used a combination of consumer insights, trade buyer surveys, and ingredient deck reviews to recommend packaging modernization.  Additionally, The Touch Agency developed a year-round campaign highlighting Emergen-C usage by season.  This included:

Immune support from Vitamin C (Winter)

Antioxidant loading for fitness (Spring)

Electrolyte replenishment (Summer)

Energy from Vitamin B (Fall)

Marketing Program(s)

New packaging (modernization) with seasonal messaging.

Save Dave broadcast campaign (national and regional)


Tripled brand sales (+$50 million dollars) in three years.  50% of incremental sales generated outside of cold season.