The Touch Agency has never been about us.  It has always been about you, the entrepreneur or manager of an emerging brand.  Sounds like marketing nonsense but it is incredibly true.  Most of the team at The Touch Agency initially worked for established, successful brands yet we shared a common realization.  We were always way more interested in the entrepreneur sitting next to us on a plane that had just launched a cookie company or an energy bar line than we were working at our own jobs in corporate America.  Why?  Because entrepreneurship is just plain sexy.  It is the last great frontier for the risk taker, the ultimate forum for the big idea.

We built this company for you.  You have a great brand, likely some early success but you know the brand could do better, certainly grow faster and be more profitable.  You have a ton of frustrations.  Told you we get it. Our answer was to build an agency that provided a shared resource for sales and marketing services.  We created a place where you can find real expertise in sales, marketing and trade marketing.  Because it is a shared resource, you now have access to an entire team of folks for less cost than trying to build that team yourself, let alone the human resource and management issues that come along with employees.

We share your values.  We are entrepreneurs too.  We have invested in emerging brands like you have and know the challenges.  Call us, email us, heck, put a note in a bottle.  We will find it.  Together, we all work in a great industry.  Every day, we get to go to work to help people get a little healthier and do our part of make the food desert a little smaller.  How is that not fun?

Join us!