The Natural Underground

For the past few months, we have been hosting a radio show that broadcasts live from Austin, Texas.  The name of the show is The Natural Underground and it features longer format interviews with the founders and senior management teams of some of the most successful better-for-you brands in the CPG industry.  We have received so many notes and calls thanking us for introducing listeners to these wonderful entrepreneurs and brands, so we decided to make it available to a wider industry audience via the podcast link below.


If you LOVE natural products and/or getting to know the folks behind some of your favorite brands, this is your weekly show.  Listen while you drive, while you work out or even while you plug away at your laptop planning for that next big meeting.  We try to make it feel more like a morning show than a dry interview.  No supplement brand yammering on about double blind European studies from a school that nobody has ever heard of!  I would say this is not your grandpa’s podcast but that would make no sense unless your grandpappy was a time traveler and traveled forward to listen to a podcast.  If so, on a side note, we would love to get that guy on our show so send his name our way.  Our goal is to learn something from each of these brands so that we can all be a little smarter for having listened.  Nobody is selling you anything – just learning and networking fun from the world’s greatest industry.


Each show opens with our hosts talking about some of their favorite products for the week.  That segment is called “What’s in Your Pie Hole?”.  That right there should tell you that this show is a little bit different.  If that does not convince you that the show has an edge, consider that on one of our more recent episodes I share my experience of walking into the wrong hotel room (while the guests were sleeping) and mistakenly using their bathroom!  Where else are you going to find that kind of important information?  The same rule applies to our guests.  We question them on everything from how they raised money to how close they came to shutting it all down. The remaining three segments of the show are all dedicated to our guest entrepreneur.  We think you will love hearing their stories.

- Al Springer